Jimena born in Arequipa in 1987 and currently residing in Madrid, has experimented with an assortment of varying styles and mediums including street art, murals, videography, oil painting, acrylic painting, charcoals, tape art, textile design, interior design, decoration, and more. She is the daughter and granddaughter of painters from her Peruvian lineage, where she has also lived and created art for years. There she discovered the magical world of digital art when she started working in video mapping, which sparked her interest in scenography. Later, she entered the world of propaganda when working for art teams for commercials, movies, and more.

Right now she is giving and taking art classes and enjoys analyzing and observing society, science, and herself. She is constantly working on projects and experimenting with life.


· Actividades de Producción cinematográfica, para clientes como; Adidas, Heineken, Pepsi, Porsche, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Terminator 7, etc

Anatomía Morfológica Aplicada con el Dr. Ricardo Horcajada Gonzalez ( UCM)

Encargo particular para Carolina Castillo (Project Mind Set) Barcelona, enero 2019

Asesoria y decoración mural Daburka Café, Madrid

Escuela de Teatro David Amitín: Interpretación, Técnica vocal y Expresión Corporal

Exposición colectiva en GALERIA ARTERIA, Barcelona 2017/2018

Clases de pintura al óleo impartidas por la Maestra Emilia Castañeda Martínez.

Modelo pose para Emilia Castañeda en su taller en Barcelona

Cádiz , España, Julio 2018, encargo particular Interpretación, Egon Schiele para Roberto Padilla Armas, realizado con pigmentos propios de la zona.

Liverpool, UK, 2018, encargo particular ,pintura al óleo.

Asesoría decoración

Pintura en vivo y decoración del escenario en sala Joy Eslava concierto de “Mi Hermano y yo” Marcos y Jaime Soto, Madrid, diciembre 2017

Menorca 2017 Estilismo y dirección artística de Nature-Over, proyecto fotográfico con Begoña Aragones Talavera.

“El precio de la guerra” fusion of audiovisual, pictorial and digital art Social criticism Along with Diego de la Vega (CINEMATOGRAPHIC ARTIST).

· “NO SIGNAL”, series of works that arise through the disconnection status of any luminous monitor.exposure in CASABLANCA CENTROCULTURAL.

· “YELLOW SIGNAL”, personal projects 2017 ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT AND THE LIGHT photographic project Peru.

· “HYPOESTHESIA” , loss of sensitivity as contemporary disorder the relationship between non-sensory touch through the scanner of the different parts of the body, the different ways of expression not real.

· Short film “Agridulce” together with Begoña Aragones Talavera and Manuel Lucas Sanchez.

· lustration for the cover “Las Princesas Olvidadas” by Antonio Tomasio.

· Video art: Dimensional connection, nude censored as an artistic genre in the digital age, reflections, disinterest (audiovisual concepts).

· Mapping: “Encapsulated Woman” with Jorge Infantas.

· Pachamama Reconection “: the objective of these combined arts projects is to create an experience of disconnection with reality and a reconnection with the energy of the earth through binaural beats, lighting and animated images where one can interact with the work through sounds or movements that are translated in the work to be observed, a 3d experience.

· Portraits on newspaper of different languages.

· “Negative Proyect”: Works done in colors opposite to those perceived by the human eye, complementary colors that inverted create reality. in project realized on the subject of the new technologies and the idea to be able to interact with the public so that it realizes a photography and inverts it to be able to perceive the piece.

· “8 pixel”: a series of 30 Drawings in which its common denominator is the Square and its variations, algorithms.

· “Tapeart”: Drawings made with colored adhesive tapes creating pieces of geometric character.

· “Diapositivas sobre Tape Art”: spatial points that diverge between geometric and organic.

· “Poesía del cosmos”: Series of drawings related to the scientific concept, atoms, quantum, universal similarities.

· “Bodypainting”.

· “Thinking Twice”: Series of paintings and drawings in which a point of connection is sought in the same figure and several points of view represented in 2d.

· Scenography microteatro “Parapsicosis” for group Theater school of actors of arequipa.

· Colegio EcoKids arequipa Art Consulting, program REGGIO EMILIA.

· “INCALPACA ANDEAN”: Artistic consultancy, Creation of print designs for t-shirts season 2016, inspired by landscapes, architecture, colors and texture of Peru.

· “INCALPACA KUNA” Artistic, visual consulting Merchandising.

· Telethon, together with the musical group Libersound live painting.

· Jury of competitions Peru inspires you, recycled fashion, young talents Mall Aventura Mall Plaza Arequipa.

· “CULTURA PERUANO NORTEAMERICANO”, Mariano Melgar Project 4 murals UNSA, CCPNA, CCPNA Library, Municipality of the Mariano Melgar district in the homage of its bicentennial.

· COLEGIO PRESCOTT Art Consultant, Art Teacher and workshops elementary school, high school 2015, Stage design events 2015 and 2016.

· COLLEGE MAX UHLE Arequipa, Realization of the cultural night.

· ALIANZA FRANCESA AREQUIPA, realization Performance of two live works in simultaneous with Poesía Perú, Venezuela.

· CHÁVEZ DE LA ROSA’S GALLERY, participation in the Collective Unique exhibition 2015 Y 2016.


· CASA BLANCA ARTS CENTER Arequipa (outdoor patio design, interior patio mural).

· COLEGIO UNAMONES Santa Marta Street 111 Mural Painting.

· KOLA ESCOCESA decoration Mural Painting.

· LA ROTONDA Arequipa (San Lazaro) interior design and decoration integral design, furniture style.


· FACYL, Festival of International Art Salamanca, SPAIN. Painting Free hand Mural, Façade building plaza del oeste 6 floors.

· BURN THE WALLS DOCUMENTARY URBAN ART (participation 7 chapters).

· URBAN TRAZOS RTVE (Radio Televisión Española) LAB RTVE, interviews and documentaries Artes Plásticas 2014.MUROS TABACALERA Madrid 2014.


· Huayco Arequipa

·Festival Art Aero Rap, La Bañeza León, Spain Negative project –

·Estonia, France, Germany, Holland, Finland, Norway …

·Retrospective Road Trip Europe 2013.

Exposición de arte, 2010, ILMG, Maria Iborra Forqué y Jimena A T, sala La Bagatela, Madrid.

BELLAS ARTES Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Bachillerato ESCUELA DE ARTE Gran Canaria 2006

Honorable Mention, Art Department. West Morris Mendham High School , New Jersey 2004.